About Us & The Bees

About Us 

We are a small scale producer of Cornish honey, beeswax products and nucleus colonies. We are lucky to live and work in Cornwall which has a wonderful heritage and we are proud to be able offer our local honey alongside a delightful array of local produce that is made here. 

Our beekeeping journey started from a keen interest in nature in the natural world, with a single hive at the bottom of the garden. This soon became a passion project grew into the fledgling business today, with multiple hives and apiaries, across the county we have today. 

The Bees

Our colonies are a mixture of local dark Cornish bees, and Buckfast bees, which can trace their characteristics back to the breeding work of Brother Adam at Buckfast Abbey on Dartmoor. We select our bees for good temperament and a healthy productive nature. 

Our ethos is to work with the bees and their natural instincts and not against them. Whilst this is sometimes at the expense of productivity, it keeps the bees welfare at heart, which is just as important as the beautiful honey they produce.

Our Apiaries

We are thrilled to work with local farmers and landowners who have provided some fantastic apiary sites across the county. Many are involved in their own wildflower planting and rewilding projects. We are thrilled our bees can be a part of this work and providing valuable pollination for crops and plants in the vicinity.